Create healthy, local and quality food from urban agriculture in Quebec by producing strawberries without pesticides, helping to increase Quebec's food autonomy while generating economic benefits for Quebec.


of Quebec consumers say they buy food bearing the Aliments du Quebec logo every two weeks, or more often.


In 2018, the strawberry was number 1 among the 12 fruits and vegetables richest in pesticides: the “dirty dozen”.


of the population lives in urban areas in North America. In Quebec, 50% live in the Greater Montreal area: a way to ensure food security.

4000 km

is the average distance traveled by fruits and vegetables in Quebec.


Fondation GaÏa Nova

All my life I have wanted to offer products made from healthy, local, GMO-free and pesticide-free ingredients. I constantly wonder about the impact of pesticides and GMOs on people's health and the health of our planet. I want to continue contributing to the availability of healthy products for the well-being of individuals and our land, GaÏa Nova.


our values

In the fulfillment of its mission, KM 0 is guided by principles of equity, integrity, ethics, confidentiality, inclusion, loyalty, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility.


our vision

Become one of the world leaders in vertical farms in controlled environments with strategic partnerships.

our team

Liliane Colpron

Liliane Colpron, Colpron, km0, vertical farming, urbain

As an entrepreneur and founder of the bakery chain "Première Moisson," she is a pioneer in using organic products in Quebec. As the president of the "Fondation Gaïa Nova," she has instilled environmental and ecological values in Quebec by promoting local purchasing.

Sabine Karsenti

Sabine Karsenti, Karsenti, km0, vertical farming, urbain

Her passions for real estate, design, architecture and agronomy led her to the idea of promoting the creation of aeroponic vertical farms in a controlled environment. She co-founded "KM0" which invested in R&D to develop the perfect recipe for strawberries.

Jahangir Kamyab

Jahangir Kamyabi, Kamyabi, km0, vertical farming, urbain

As a specialist and agronomic researcher in indoor horticultural products, he has in-depth knowledge of strawberry growth. He is also an expert and supervisor in green spaces.

5 years of R&D

The controlled environment project was established with a research lab for strawberries. Eight tests were conducted to determine the best production method and variety. The lab research resulted in specific modules for high-yield aeroponic strawberry cultivation and harvesting.

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